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Docket Alarm Releases Powerful BI Tool for Motions in Federal Courts at ILTACon

Collaboration with Judicata Technology Moves One Step Closer to Universal DMS


Washington, DC (August 18, 2022) –  Docket Alarm by Fastcase today released a powerful new business intelligence tool for law firms and corporate legal departments. Dubbed simply as “Motions in Federal Courts,” the new feature creates a new search engine over specific motion types, as well as analytics for individual law firms, judges, and nature of suit codes. The company will launch and showcase the tool at the 2022 ILTACon conference in Washington, D.C. next week.


The new Motions in Federal Courts search empowers lawyers to microtarget specific types of motions and to create customized analytics. This enables Docket Alarm users to dive into both their own firm’s litigation history — as well as opposing law firms — providing the market’s most precise and powerful tool for internal and external business intelligence.


The new feature uses Judicata technology to categorize millions of motions from almost 5 million cases by type, stage, nature of suit, law firm, state, judge, and much more. Lawyers can create precise motion searches for the strategy of opposing counsel, to analyze the effectiveness of their own strategy, or to find precise templates for new motions, targeted to specific judges and courts. Fastcase acquired Judicata’s technology stack and team in 2020.


“The mission of Judicata was to map the legal genome,” said Ed Walters, CEO of Fastcase. “Judicata used that technology to create quantum leaps in legal research, but the technology also has amazing applications in the vast Docket Alarm database as well. The Motions in Federal Courts search engine is one of the early fruits of that collaboration. MFC is a BFD.”


“If you combined the power of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the power of law firm analytics, it would look a lot like Docket Alarm’s Motions in Federal Courts,” said Michael Sander, Docket Alarm founder and VP of Fastcase Analytics.


Docket Alarm’s library of Motions in Federal Courts is vast, covering the federal courts of all 50 states. It tags more than 3 million briefs, 2.5 million motions, and 6.6 million court orders. All of the tags use universal, open-source standards from the SALI LMSS 2.0, which means firms and corporate legal departments can export documents with APIs that link right into their SALI-compliant document management systems, databases, KM systems, or other legal tech products.


Corporate legal departments can also compare the motions practice of the top 33,000 litigation firms in America, tagged by Judicata and Docket Alarm.


“This goes beyond search and analytics,” said Sander. “The ability to drill down to see how any firm – including your own – handles motions in specific courts is actionable business intelligence. This isn’t for niche practice areas or a small number of courts. This new tool covers all practice areas in all federal courts. Once you can see the motions, it’s hard to imagine litigating blind without them.”


“Whether cleaning up your own internal document-management and experience-management systems, adding lateral hire data, or building out competitive RFPs with analytics of competing firms — tracking appearances before judges, and across case types, jurisdictions, and opponents naturally extends Docket Alarm’s vision: Make analytics a core part of practice and business,” added Damien Riehl, Fastcase VP of Workflow Litigation, who is also part of the leadership team of the SALI Alliance.


“We’re collecting and enhancing the vital information embedded in dockets, and making it easily consumable wherever attorneys are on mobile, the web, or in their firm databases via API” said Sander.  “The continued drive to be at the center of litigation dockets — alerting, document delivery, research, analytics, calendaring — is at the core of every product innovation, powered by the Judicata natural language parsing technology.”


“It’s a very exciting time at Fastcase,” said Walters. “To watch Fastcase Chief Product Officer Nina Jack working with Itai Gurari and Ben Pedrick of Judicata, deploying SALI tags with Damien Riehl, to refine and tag the comprehensive Docket Alarm database, is truly amazing. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and we’re just getting started,” he added. “Federal Motions Practice is an important step towards a Universal Document Management System, with highly tagged documents from state and federal courts as well as the full legal research library of judicial opinions, statutes, regulations, court rules, and treatises. Watch this space.”


For more information, visit https://www.docketalarm.com/analytics/FederalCourts/ or contact sales@docketalarm.com. Attendees at ILTACon can see an exclusive preview and learn more about the new features by visiting the Fastcase-Docket Alarm team at Booth #615 in the exhibit hall.


About Docket Alarm

Docket Alarm is a national leader in docket research and legal analytics. Docket Alarm leverages a library of hundreds of millions of litigation records, as well as unique machine learning and natural language processing tools. The Docket Alarm API gives firms and companies the ability to leverage a giant database of PACER cases, alerting capabilities, and analysis in bulk. Docket Alarm was acquired by Fastcase in January 2018, and continues to be a disruptor in the legal analytics market. Follow Docket Alarm on Twitter @DocketAlarm.


Docket Alarm’s expansive coverage includes state court dockets across 34 states, administrative courts and the entire federal court system via PACER. Docket Alarm also incorporates analytics in the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”) and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”). The latest additions and enhancements of features include “Deadline Display” in its Litigation HubFederal Appellate Analytics, coverage of every U.S. patent application and prosecution history from the Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) system and all of the underlying documents, a calendaring feature powered by CalendarRules, Clio integrations, and extending analytics platforms through Judicata.


About Fastcase

Fastcase is a comprehensive legal intelligence company, founded in 1999 and based in Washington, D.C. Partnering with the bar associations of almost every state and the District of Columbia, Fastcase serves more than 1.2 million lawyers from around the world. The company provides an innovative research suite of primary law, dockets, treatises, legal blogs, analytics, workflow tools, and legal news. For more information about Fastcase’s smarter legal tools, visit the company on Twitter at @Fastcase or visit www.fastcase.com.


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