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Fastcase Launches Daily Opinion Summary Service

Collaboration with The Florida Bar Creates First Alerts in Key Practice Areas


Washington, DC  (June 18, 2019) – Today, legal publisher Fastcase and The Florida Bar launched Case Alerts, a daily report of court decisions in key practice areas. The subscription-only service introduced Florida Family Law Alerts, a daily e-mail summary of family law decisions from Florida courts. Fastcase and The Florida Bar will roll out new Florida practice areas throughout the summer, including business law, real property, probate, trusts, and tax law alerts.


Although most lawyers understand the importance of keeping up with developments in the law, practitioners can become overwhelmed with the breadth of multijurisdictional legal news services. Traditionally, subscription alerts typically cover subject areas pertaining to national practice area topics. For those seeking narrower results curated for a local context, pricing is often cost-restrictive, except for only the largest firms. Fastcase, a company focused on democratizing the law, is planning to develop a service that affordably serves all of its 32 state bars on the jurisdictional level.


Fastcase’s alert service allows lawyers to track their specific practice areas and narrow results focus to the jurisdictions in which they practice. Updates are daily, so lawyers can stay informed every day, instead of waiting for weekly updates. Each opinion report comes with a short summary and a direct link to the text of the full opinion. Members of The Florida Bar will have the option to subscribe for $15 per month, or $150 annually per practice area, with discounts for multiple practices areas and for firm-wide distribution.


“We are proud to have collaborated with The Florida Bar, who embraced this project and were instrumental in the successful development of Case Alerts for attorneys on the go,” said Joe Patz, Director of Alliances at Fastcase. “Because of The Florida Bar’s assistance we will soon be able to scale up the scope of the project and bring Case Alerts to many more jurisdictions in the coming years.”


Fastcase piloted topical case summaries with the Minnesota State Bar Association, where the alert service has become popular with Minnesota lawyers.


“Just as we are developing state docket alerts and state analytics in our Docket Alarm platform, our flagship Fastcase research platform is growing beyond treatises, state bar deskbooks, and our Full Court Press imprint,” said Fastcase President Phil Rosenthal. “This case alerting tool for our state bar partners can be customized to serve every bar association,” he added.


“We were one of the first states to launch the Fastcase legal research member benefit 14 years ago,” said Terry Hill, Division Director of Programs at The Florida Bar. “The Fastcase member benefit has been a tremendous resource for The Florida Bar members and the Fastcase team have been great collaborators. We look forward to making the new daily case alerts available to our members.”



About The Florida Bar

The Florida Bar is the organization of all lawyers licensed by the Supreme Court of Florida to practice law in the state. The Florida Bar’s core functions are to: Regulate the practice of law in Florida; ensure the highest standards of legal professionalism in Florida; and protect the public by prosecuting unethical attorneys and preventing the unlicensed practice of law.


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