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Law Street Media 2020 In Review: A Letter From the Editor

It’s been a year. 365 days ago, we knew there would be legal news and analytics to share, and we knew these articles would help lawyers and law firms boost their book of business, but we did not know 2020 would be a year marked by unprecedented challenges, most notably the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has changed how lawyers, courts, and billions of people live and work. As we celebrate our 1 year anniversary of launching Law Street Media, I want to thank you, our readers and subscribers, who are helping Law Street live up to its goal of being your source for legal news that leads to business.


Since we launched (or rather re-launched, as part of the Fastcase suite of brands) our reporters have posted over 2,000 articles in our primary focus areas of tech, agriculture, and health, and many of you have shared those and are appreciating free links to Docket Alarm filings embedded in articles. One of our goals was to create richer legal news by integrating with legal research tools; I’m happy to share that Docket Alarm has nearly doubled its search activity in 2020.


When we debuted our “Insights” articles this fall, we had a suspicion that rainmakers and those building and protecting their book of business would be interested in the in-depth analysis enriched with industry-first custom legal analytics with One-Click Analytics from Docket Alarm. Thank you for making these a big success! Insights articles are becoming a model of using legal analytics as a tool to survey competitive landscapes, learn more about legal needs of an industry, and making data-backed decisions on litigation. We hope you continue to be inspired by these articles to use legal analytics to best fit your business.


As we welcome 2021, you can count on us to continue providing legal news that leads to business. We plan to keep elevating the legal news landscape and plan to add new featured content in the coming months. Thank you for reading and stay tuned!


David Nayer

Editor-in-Chief, Law Street Media



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