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You asked for it, and we delivered. We optimized our game-changing
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Our Mobile App is Now Available for the iPad

  • Download the Fastcase App for free
  • Read case law and statutes effortlessly on the large, high-resolution display
  • Access our comprehensive collection state and federal caselaw and statutes
  • Search caselaw by phrase or citation and sort your results 5 different ways
  • Search within and browse the U.S. Code and state statutes
  • Save documents in your personal library



Please visit our iPhone/iPad FAQ page first, if you need additional help, email us at


Have You Already Registered
with Fastcase?

  • Have a retail subscription to Fastcase
  • Signed up for a free trial of Fastcase in the past, or
  • Have already registered for Fastcase for the iPhone

Then, you do not need to re-register to access the Fastcase iPad application. Just download the application using the link below and login using the same username and password that you normally use. If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the link below to retrieve it.

Please note: If you access Fastcase through your bar association, then you should register as a new user.

The Fastcase App for your iPad

Whether you are at your desk, in transit, in a classroom, conference room, or court room, take our comprehensive database of state and federal case law and statutes with you wherever you go. This is one App that no lawyer should leave home without.

Fastcase for the iPad is wired with the same smart search technology that powers Fastcase's fully-featured Web-based legal research application. Our smarter legal research tools allow you to sort the most relevant results to the top of the list, customize and re-sort search results, and integrate citation analysis tools right into the results list.

Just like Fastcase for the iPhone, our newest mobile application is free, but you'll need to register an account so that you can save favorites and your own customized search history. If you have already registered for our iPhone App, the same username and password will give you access to the iPad version as well. There are tons of customizable features, so the more you use the Fastcase App, the better it fits you!

Download Fastcase for iPad. Questions? Visit the iPhone/iPad FAQ


What critics are saying about Fastcase on the iPhone
(iPad reviews coming soon)

"The short version of my review is this: I was impressed. The app is easy to use and produces lightning-fast results. . . . For legal research on the go, at any time, and for zero cost, this is a must-have for any lawyer with an iPhone." - Bob Ambrogi,

"The Fastcase iPhone app is an extremely solid app which probably won't be dethroned as the king of mobile legal research anytime soon." - Joshua Auriemma,

"The largest free law library available on the iPhone. . . . This is a surprisingly robust legal research tool that will allow its users to find cases and statutes wherever they are, whenever they want, all for free." - Bob Ambrogi

"Every single lawyer using an iPhone should download the Fastcase app. Moreover, the availability of the free Fastcase app is a compelling reason for any attorney not using an iPhone to purchase one today. This app is that useful." - Jeff Richardson,

"Will it be long before students are required to purchase iPhones for law school in addition to, or instead of, laptops?" - James B. Levy, Legal Writing Professor Blog

"The Legal Universe At Your Fingertips, For Free!" - Brad Bogan, Fifth Circuit Blog

Do You Access Fastcase Through Your Bar Association?

If you access Fastcase through your bar association, and you have already registered for our iPhone App, you can login to Fastcase for the iPad using the same username and password that you use on your iPhone.

If you access Fastcase through your bar association, and you have not yet registered for any of our mobile Apps, you will need to register an account for our Fastcase for the iPad App.

You will be able to do this once you download the application from the App Store. Please note that in the registration process, you will create a new username and password to use with the Fastcase App.

Remember: When you are accessing Fastcase on the web through your bar association, continue to use your bar login credentials.

Have You Already Registered with Fastcase?

If you have forgotten your password, click here to retrieve it

Enjoying Fastcase on your iPad?
Get the most out of your experience by upgrade to full Fastcase subscription.

Subscribers to the Fastcase Premium edition get great additional content and smarter features, including:

  • Unlimited customer support and reference assistance
  • Dual-column printing
  • Powerful sorting tools that empower you to find your best results quickly and easily
  • E-mail a case or search results to yourself or colleagues
  • Beautiful, visual maps of search results
  • Many more libraries, such as court rules, administrative regulations and constitutions
  • A la carte newspaper search, people finder, business intelligence, forms
  • unified PACER search (one search for all courts)
  • no contract, transparent pricing, no minimum duration, and no surprises

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