Ipse Dixit: Ruminations on a Career at Law

Full Court Press New Arrivals
Author Edward J. Walters Jr.
Publisher Full Court Press

Not just a book for lawyers. Why do lawyers do what they do? What’s it like to be a lawyer? What’s right about lawyers? What’s wrong with lawyers? What does it take to win? Why do they lose? And why do they call it a profession?

Written throughout a long career in the courtroom, this collection allows the reader to take a deep look inside the legal profession and many of its prominent members. This book is not only relevant to lawyers and judges, regardless of where they practice, but it is also relevant to non-lawyers interested in what lawyers do, people who aspire to be lawyers, and people who have lawyers in their family and have to deal with them. Contained herein are many moving moments that may bring a tear to your eye, many humorous moments that may make you laugh, and pieces of advice, designed for lawyers, but applicable to all of us.

Proceeds from this title will be donated to the LSU Foundation – LSU Law School Classroom to Courtroom Project.