Persuasion Science for Trial Lawyers

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Author John P. Blumberg
Publisher Full Court Press

In this must-have text for both new advocates and experienced trial attorneys, veteran trial lawyer John P. Blumberg shows the reader how persuasion science can lead to successful jury verdicts. Blumberg’s new methodology for approaching courtroom advocacy solves the mystery of what makes certain strategies successful, and why information is accepted or rejected by jurors.

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John P. Blumberg is a trial lawyer and triple-board certified: as a trial lawyer by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, as a medical malpractice specialist by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys, and as a legal malpractice specialist by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization and the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys. He has served on the Boards of Directors of trial lawyer organizations including the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys, and Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles. Mr. Blumberg has published over forty articles on trial advocacy and law practice and has been actively involved in the training of trial lawyers for over forty years.


Journal of the Florida Justice Association
The jury persuasion picture we trial lawyers are creating will never be beyond improvement, and John P. Blumberg adds science to art with precise strokes that reveal new perspectives for viewing the persuasion picture. “Persuasion Science for Trial Lawyers” combines extensive persuasion research with the author’s decades of trying cases to juries and key concepts identified by other experts. Careful to credit others, Blumberg sees the importance of innovations many of us have been studying and he expands on them. The result: a fresh, informed look at moving juries to verdict.
Blumberg smartly interlaces the book’s insights, chapter by chapter, weaving persuasion science piece-by-connected-piece into an easy-to-grasp whole.

Advocate, the journal of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
Blumberg examines trials from both a top-down perspective, explaining how to best structure your entire case, as well as from a task-centric perspective, showing how voir dire can be made more useful, how direct examinations can be made engaging, how experts can be more effectively used or attacked, and how to make opening statements and closing arguments more compelling.

Wyoming Lawyer Magazine
This book deserves to be read by all trial lawyers not just once, but often. It should be consulted when you start to get those “trial vibes” and it becomes time to start digging in and preparing your case for trial. This book will inspire you to distill your case down to its essential elements and make it simple, clear, emotional, and powerful. It will help you persuade and, ultimately, win.

Verdict, the journal of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association
This is a book we would recommend to anyone interested in enhancing their persuasive abilities. It is not practice area specific, and the examples are universally applicable to Plaintiff attorneys. The book is also conveniently divided into various topics allowing the reader to jump to the sections/chapters of interest. Grab a highlighter and some sticky notes and enjoy!

The New Mexico Trial Lawyer Magazine
Innovative, informative, and downright interesting. In newly-published “Persuasion Science for Trial Lawyers,” author John P. Blumberg sets out “to provide trial lawyers with a foundation for advocacy that is based on proven social science rather than anecdotal success stories.” This book is a thought-provoking read, best described as a behind-the-scenes journey of the human decision-making process with a trial lawyer for a tour guide.

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