Virgin Islands Court Rules

Full Court Press State Books
Author Anthony M. Ciolli (Editor)
Publisher Full Court Press

Published for the first time under Full Court Press, this new collection of the Virgin Islands Court Rules contains helpful annotations penned by Anthony M. Ciolli, a local attorney who has served as President of the Virgin Islands Bar Association. This helpful reference for litigators contains the full text of each set of rules with cross-references to Supreme Court promulgation orders. Original commentary by the Advisory Committee on Rules is also included, plus relevant case notes.


Anthony Ciolli is a past President of the Virgin Islands Bar Association. He currently serves as Senior Law Clerk and Special Assistant to the Chief Justice of the Virgin Islands. He remains active in both the Virgin Islands Bar Association as well as the American Bar Association, where he serves as one of the Virgin Islands delegates to the ABA House of Delegates. He also serves on the Executive Council of the National Conference of Bar Presidents.

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