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Insurance for Real Estate-Related Entities

Robert E. Frankel


ISBN: 978-1-949884-00-5
Format Available: Hardcover

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Insurance for Real Estate-Related Entities is a comprehensive commercial and property insurance legal treatise for property owners, developers, landlords, tenants, operators, contractors, engineers, brokers and agents, and many other professionals involved directly or indirectly in real estate, including lawyers representing such entities. This treatise is also relevant for plaintiffs’ attorneys who may need to sue a real estate or related entity because often the most collectible money available to an injured plaintiff is the property and casualty insurance that such entity has purchased or because the strategy involves pleading causes of action that trigger a defense by the insurance company. Likewise, bankruptcy lawyers representing real estate and related businesses that are debtors or representing creditors of these entities might need to access the important insurance assets of the debtor. This treatise covers the major property and casualty policies that a real estate or related entity would purchase including first party property and builders’ risk, general liability, directors and officers liability, professional liability, workers’ compensation, surety bonds, and title insurance. Readers may also be interested in Business Insurance.


About the Author

Robert J. Frankel has practiced in government, and in house in the telecommunications and financial services industries since 1994. He currently serves as General Counsel at the Investments & Wealth Institute, a professional association and standards body for financial advisors, investment consultants, and wealth managers. The author may be reached at or 303-850-3082.