Roadways to Justice

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Author Ronald H. Clark
Publisher Full Court Press

America’s criminal justice system is grappling with multiple issues – police officer-involved deaths and violence; mass incarceration; racial, gender, and sexual orientation bias; the death penalty; public corruption; juvenile justice; disparate sentencing; and the ill effects of Three Strikes laws. These and other issues are examined through the lens of the author’s experience as both a career prosecutor and educator of prosecutors.


Ronald H. Clark is a nationally known lecturer and author and Distinguished Practitioner in Residence at Seattle University Law School. Mr. Clark has lectured at over 40 national courses and for numerous state prosecutor and bar associations.

For 27 years, Mr. Clark was in the King County Prosecutor’s office in Seattle, Washington, where he served as a senior deputy prosecutor, head of the trial teams and, for ten years, as the Chief Deputy of the Criminal Division.

As the Senior Training Counsel, Mr. Clark pioneered the first courses conducted at the National Advocacy Center when it opened its doors to state and local prosecutors and for the following six years.

Mr. Clark has produced and written movies that are on the DVDs that accompany the Pretrial and Trial Advocacy books. His full-length movie, entitled the Freck Point Trial, is a trial advocacy training film, featuring Ann Rule, the true crime author, and demonstrations of all phases of trial by veteran trial lawyers.

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