There are many training resources available on Fastcase, including on-demand training. Fastcase includes a series of ┬ávideo tutorials that cover the basics and frequently-asked questions. They’re available whenever you need help, or just a refresher on how to use Fastcase tools.

Quick Introduction to Fastcase (Updated 5/27/2014)

If you only have 5-6 minutes to spare and want a lightning overview of the Fastcase service, take a look at the video below:

Overview: The Nuts and Bolts

A four minute demo on how to run a quick and advanced caselaw search on Fastcase, as well as sort your results, view the Interactive Timeline, and access the full case text.

Use Forecite to backstop your legal research

Use Authority Check for a list of later citing cases

Browse Statutes in Outline View

Visualize Search Results with Interactive Timeline

Find a case by docket number

Print a case in under 30 seconds

Sort results alphabetically, chronologically

Share search results, cases with a colleague